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Love this bag. I get compliments on it all the time. I even had a male friend look after it for half an hour (and wear it) and he got compliments on it, so it's clearly unisex!

Great design, very roomy without looking big. I use a 'bag in bag' organiser to hold all my stuff and that fits neatly inside, leaving space on top to put extra stuff, even a book.

The pocket on the back is fantastic for phone and travelcard, and feels safe as it's out of sight and against the body.

A neat sideeffect of the vegan leather vinyl used is that it is pretty waterproof. although you probably don't want your phone in the pocket in the back in a downpour, but inside should be fine.

It was hard choosing the design when I did and now there are so many more! I'm thinking of my next one!
11/15/13 15:41 PM
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