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Sleek Cut Out
Inspired by Chinese paper cut classic craft art form, these delightful little things are light weight and have poetic beauty. Wholesale available at
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Cute dainty rhodium plated game controller studs earrings
11-020S   $14.00
Cute dainty 12k gold plated skull studs earrings
11-024G   $14.00
Cute dainty rhodium plated bow studs earrings
11-026S   $14.00
Cute dainty rhodium plated bow tie stud earrings
11-032S   $14.00
Cute dainty 12k gold plated owl studs earrings
11-036G   $14.00
Cute dainty rhodium plated safety pin studs earrings
11-039S   $14.00
Cute dainty 12k gold plated razor studs earrings
11-041G   $14.00
Bow Earring
11-004S   $14.00
Diamond Earring
11-002G   $14.00
Leaf Earring
11-008S   $14.00
Mustache Earrring
11-012G   $14.00
Peace Earrring
11-017S   $14.00
Tree of life earrings
CO-001G   $14.00
Cherry Blossom earrings
CO-007AS   $14.00
Gold fish earrings
c0-009ag   $14.00
Flower earrings
c0-013s   $14.00
Lotus earrings
c0-015g   $14.00
Silver plated cherry blossom earrings
103-004s   $9.00
Silver plated mushroom earrings
113-006   $9.00
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