Embossed Wallet
It takes 9 times to emboss LAVISHY's original illustrations on to these wallets to reach the clear and deep outline with even colors. They are fun, original and unique.
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Peacock vegan leather small wallet
7-0001BR   $24.99
Peacock vegan leather medium wallet
7-0101G   $24.99
Peacock vegan leather large wallet
7-0201K   $26.99
Chrysanthemum & butterfly vegan leather small wallet
7-0002G   $24.99
Chrysanthemum & butterlfy vegan leather medium wallet
7-0102R   $24.99
Goldfish vegan leather small wallet
7-0003R   $24.99
Goldfish vegan leather medium wallet
7-0103G   $24.99
Goldfish vegan leather large wallet
7-0203BR  $27.99  $21.99
Bird vegan leather small wallet
7-0004R   $24.99
Bird vegan leather medium wallet
7-0104G   $19.99
Bird vegan leather large wallet
7-0204R   $27.99
Bird & Chandelier vegan leather small wallet
7-0005E   $24.99
Bird & Chandelier vegan leather large wallet
7-0205G  $27.99  $21.99
Bird & birdcage vegan leather small wallet
7-0006K   $24.99
Bird & birdcage vegan leather large wallet
7-0206R   $27.99
Swallow vegan leather small wallet
7-0008G   $24.99
Swallow vegan leather wristlet style large wallet
7-0208PP  $27.99  $21.99
Hummingbird vegan leather medium zipper closure wa
7-0109G   $24.99
Hummingbird vegan leather wristlet style wallet
7-0209G   $27.99
Paris Eiffel tower vegan leather medium zipper wallet
7-0110R   $24.99
Paris Eiffel tower vegan leather wristlet wallet
7-0210R  $27.99  $21.99
Bird & plum flower vegan leather small wallet
7-0011R   $24.99
Bird & plum flower vegan leather large wallet
7-0211K  $27.99  $21.99
Peony & butterfly vegan leather small walle
7-0012K   $24.99
Peony & butterfly vegan leather large wallet / wristlet
7-0212K   $27.99
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