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Nature Life Fun
Who doesn't love animals? Made with recycled metal that is lead free and nickel free. Matching rings and bracelets available.
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Elephant vintage necklace
2-001N-S   $14.99
Giraffe vintage necklace
2-002N-G   $14.99
Leopard vintage necklace
2-003N-S   $14.99
Lion vintage necklace
2-004N-G   $14.99
Tiger vintage necklace
2-005N-S   $14.99
Lopster vintage necklace
2-011N-G   $14.99
Crab vintage necklace
2-012N-S   $14.99
Scallops vintage necklace
2-013N-G   $14.99
Starfish vintage necklace
2-014N-G   $14.99
Turtle vintage necklace
2-015N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Seahorse necklace
2-016N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Seagull necklace
2-017N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun:  Stingray necklace
2-018N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun:  Penguin necklace
2-019N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun:  Sea Lion necklace
2-020N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun:  Dolphin necklace
2-021N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun:  Jelly Fish necklace
2-022N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Coral necklace
2-023N-S   $14.99
Vintage style anchor necklace--retro gold
2-026Nag   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Bear Necklace
2-031N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Bunny Necklace
2-032N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Fox Necklace
2-034N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Hedgehog Necklace
2-035N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Moose Necklace
2-036N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Panda Necklace
2-037N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Wolf Necklace
2-038N-S   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Horse Necklace
2-039N-G   $14.99
Nature Life Fun: Owl Necklace
2-040N-S   $14.99
Nature Life: Loon Bird Necklace
2-041N-G   $14.99
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