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Mini Pop Art
These handmade super cute, super dainty necklaces feature groovy pop art objects from retro camera to ice cream, from the Union Jack to Japanese doll, from adorable robot to funky cat. All necklaces have matching earrings. Plated with rhodium (one type of noble metals that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation in moist air. It is a rare, silvery-white, hard, and a member of the platinum group.) They are fun, adorable and very affordable.
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Dainty Pop Art Crown necklace
31-001n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Heart with arrow necklace
31-002n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art dancing mermaid necklace
31-003n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Red devil necklace
31-004n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Chinese take out necklace
31-006n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Maxican rose print necklace
31-008n   $12.00
Dainty pop art love tattoo necklace
31-010n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Burning heart tattoo necklace
31-012n   $12.00
Dainty pop art saint Mary necklace
31-013n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Mexican folk art mermaid print necklace
31-014n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Tattoo butterfly necklace
31-018n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Jesus necklace
31-019n   $12.00
Dainty pop art matryoshka doll necklace
31-020n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Red Riding Hood necklace
31-021n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Japanese doll necklace
31-022n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Pink bunny necklace
31-024n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Blue owl necklace
31-028n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Robort necklace
31-029n   $12.00
Dainty pop art Red high heel necklace
31-030n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Cowboy boots necklace
31-031n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art ice cream cone necklace
31-032n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art ice Cupcake necklace
31-033n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art ice Hot kiss necklace
31-035n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art red heart necklace
31-036n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art snow white bunny necklace
31-038n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art snow white bunny necklace
31-039n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art dog necklace
31-041n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Speaker necklace
31-042n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Euro print necklace
31-043n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Violin necklace
31-044n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Crown necklace
31-045n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Sushi necklace
31-047n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art butterfly necklace
31-048n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art goldfish necklace
31-049n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art deer necklace
31-051n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Bird on house necklace
31-052n   $12.00
Dainty Pop Art Diamond ring necklace
31-054n   $12.00
Starfish Neclaces
31-055N   $12.00
Seahorse Neclaces
31-056N   $12.00
Sea Turtle Neclaces
31-057N   $12.00
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