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Vintage Flare
Designed by LAVISHY, inspired by funky vintage objects or look, these charming necklaces are uniquely designed, well made and affordable. From groovy robot to cute dog, from cool octopus to key to a loving heart, this series offer your lovely pieces for you and thoughtful pieces for your loved ones as gifts!
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Tree of life cut out pendant necklace
883-37S   $14.99
Owl out out pendant necklace
883-36AG   $14.99
Seahorse pendant necklace-Gold
883-64g   $24.99
Peace bird pendant necklace
883-31g   $24.99
Hummingbird pendant necklace
883-61s   $24.99
MutiButterfly  pendant necklace-Silver
883-65s   $9.99
Love pendant necklace-Silver
883-66s   $9.99
Jem pendant necklace-Silver
883-76s   $24.99
Butterfly & flower vintage style reversible pendant necklace
883-077G   $24.99
Palm leaf & flower vintage style reversible pendant necklace
883-081AS   $14.99
Swallow bird & peace reversible pendant necklace
883-118G   $14.99
Cai pendant necklace-Gold
883-74g   $24.99
Calida pendant necklace-Silver
883-75s   $24.99
Bird & chandelier reversible pendant necklace
883-90S   $14.99
Bird & cage reversible pendant necklace
883-91G   $14.99
Bird & flower reversible pendant necklace
883-92S   $14.99
Butterfly & flower reversible pendant necklace
883-93G   $14.99
Vintage style tree of life & bird necklace
883-104S   $24.99
Hummingbird & Love reversible pendant necklace
883-116S   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Draggonfly & Clover reversible pendant necklace
883-123AG   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Cardinal  & Daisy reversible pendant necklace silver
883-156S   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Swallow & Cherry Blossom reversible pendant necklace gold
883-157G   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Bird & Plum Flower reversible pendant necklace silver
883-158S   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Bird & Flower reversible pendant necklace gold
883-159G   $14.99
 Vintage Flare: Butterfly & Joy reversible pendant necklace
883-117G   $14.99
Hummingbird & Flower reversible pendant necklace
883-120S   $14.99
Owl reversible pendant on 30 inches chain long necklace
883-145S   $24.99
Necklace:  Swallow Long Necklace
883-146-G   $24.99
Necklace:  Sugar Skull Long Necklace
883-147G   $24.99
Necklace:  Heart Long Necklace
883-148-S   $24.99
Necklace:  Rock & Rose Long Necklace
883-149-G   $24.99
Necklace:  Groovy Ride Long Necklace
883-150S   $24.99
Necklace:  Octopus Long Necklace
883-152G   $24.99
Birdcage cut out pendant long necklace
883-068G   $19.99
Chandelier pendant necklace-Gold
883-69g   $24.99
Ship pendant necklace-Silver
883-71s   $24.99
Vintage style peacock long necklace
883-142AG   $24.99
Key to your kingdom pendant on long chain necklace
883-126G   $24.99
Good luck four leaf clover pendant necklace
883-42   $19.99
Oliver pendant necklace-Gold
883-067G   $9.99
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