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Vintage Relief
From the ancient time, through the medieval ages and into the modern times, flower symbolism has been a significant part of cultures around the world. Inspired by some of the most beautiful and beloved flowers, LAVISHY Secret Garden earrings series feature hand crafted double sided pendants with beautiful flower relief one side and positive message on the other side. They make meaningful gifts to loved ones, each piece beholds beauty and best wishes that never expire. Matching necklaces and rings are available.
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Bird/ Happiness Vintage Earrings
33-001ES   $14.99
Karma Vintage Earrings
33-009EG   $14.99
Sparrow/ Peace Vintage Earrings
33-013EAS  $14.99  $9.99
Butterfly/ Life Vintage Earrings
33-017EAG  $14.99  $9.99
Poppy/ Passion Vintage Earrings
33-019EAS   $14.99
Dogwood/ Faith Vintage Earrings
33-020EAG  $14.99  $9.99
Chrysanthemum/ Strength Vintage Earrings
33-021EAS   $14.99
Daffodils/ Believe Vintage Earrings
33-022EAG   $14.99
Lotus/ Peace Vintage Earrings
33-023EAS  $14.99  $9.99
Plum/ Forever Vintage Earrings
33-024EAG   $14.99
Cherry Blossom/ Beauty Vintage Earrings
33-025EAS   $14.99
Carnation/ Love Vintage Earrings
33-026EAG  $14.99  $9.99
Lily/ Grace Vintage Earrings
33-027EAS   $14.99
Daisy/ Joy Vintage Earrings
33-028EAG   $14.99
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