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Retro Groove
Go back to the good old times! Retro look earrings are great choices to showcase your groovy side with stylish touch. Wholesale available at
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Bow Tie Earrings
77-008E-AG   $14.99
Camera Earrings
77-009E-AS   $14.99
Cassette Earrings
77-011E-AG   $14.99
Bio Hazard Earrings Silver
77-016E-AG   $14.99
Laser Gun Earrings Silver
77-017E-AS   $14.99
Hero Earrings Gold
77-018E-AG   $14.99
Rocket Science Earrings Silver
77-019E-AS   $14.99
Vintage style angel wing earrings
883-109S   $14.99
Vintage style bow stud earrings
883-98b   $14.99
Vintage style bird earrings
883-101as   $14.99
Vintage style key to heart & love earrings gold
883-103ag   $14.99
Vintage style heart lock earrings silver
883-176s   $14.99
Vintage style key earrings gold
883-174g   $14.99
Vintage style feather earrings silver
883-178s   $14.99
Fly away with me retro style airplane earrings
883-130ag   $14.99
Settling my heart retro style anchor earrings
883-132as   $14.99
Following my dream retro wheel earrings
883-134as   $14.99
Earrings: Tree of Life
883-105S   $14.99
Earrings: Bird
883-106G   $14.99
Earrings: Hummingbird
883-121B   $14.99
Earrings: Dragonfly
883-124S   $14.99
Tree of life earrings
883-82s   $14.99
Owl earrings
883-83s   $14.99
Chandelier earrings
883-84g   $14.99
Birdcage earrings
883-85s   $14.99
Happy Robot Earrings
883-144E-AS   $12.99
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